Official Website of Hydrology Project - Kerala


Shri. K. Krishnankutty
Minister for Water Resources

Sri.J. Justin Mohan IFS


Telephone No.
Official : 0471 – 2434098

Mob. :9447522423

India has made a massive investment for the water resources development of the country since 1947. The country has attained self-sufficiency in food production, but the in view of a growing population needs to sustain the self-sufficiency. The need for water has diversified and fresh water is becoming a scarce resource, and deterioration of quality due to a host of reasons, mostly due to human interventions is a major concern. These issues are equally important in ground water also. Natural disasters like drought and floods affect many parts of our country every year. All these issues, needed to be addressed with a national perspective and hence Government of India formulated the water policy of India in 1987and has updated it in tune with the needs and requirements of the nation in 2002. The policy laid down the guidelines to be followed in water resources development of the nation and the priorities in water allocation. The policy recognized the need for a hydrological comprehensive database, which is a key requirement for planning development and management of the water resources.

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